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Kitting Case Study

Program Kitting: Kitting Components for Retail Packaging for an Automotive Client

  • Client requires Productiv to kit 200 finished good SKUs that are distributed to multiple retail customers
  • Productiv kits 200 finished good SKUs from over 1,000 raw material components in addition to retail labels, master cartons and master carton labels
  • Program requires special labeling and distribution requirements for each distribution end point
  • In addition, Productiv re-organized and re-racked warehouse to accommodate customer’s special needs and customized software to handle customer orders and reporting requests

Fulfillment Case Study

Fulfillment: Medical Device Storage, De-palletize and Case Fulfillment 

  • International Client needed a way to ship pallets of medical devices for hospital distribution in the United States
  • Productiv designed a warehousing solution which included installing an HVAC system to maintain temperature and humidity for storage to specification
  • Producitv breaks down pallets and distributes individual components to client’s end customers which are used for procedures under short lead times

Inspection + Rework Case Study

Inspection and Rework Combo: Inspection and Rework for Consumer Goods

  • Client needed to rework on over 250,000 consumer goods that were not built to specification
  • Productiv provided a fixed unit price per item in order to inspect each product and then quarantine products that did not meet quality tolerance
  • Productiv found additional product defects and was able to bring to manufacturers attention as well as developed an inspection method that reduced the per unit cost and improved accuracy throughout this year long project

Fixed Unit Cost Re-Label with Ultra Short Lead Time Case Study

Fixed Unit Cost Re-Label with Ultra Short Lead Time: 3,000,000 Piece Re-label job for a Cosmetics Client

  • Client needed to update label on 3 million cosmetic pieces
  • Needed to deliver product with new labels to Productiv on a Friday and had to have products relabeled and palletized within 7 days
  • Productiv provided a fixed unit price per piece in order to allow client purchasing department to budget the spend
  • Project was completed on time without defect

Assembly Case Study

Fixed Unit Cost Assembly: 15,000 Piece Run for a Manufacturing Client

  • Client needed to send Productiv 75,000 components to be assembly into 15,000 finished goods pieces which in the past temps were brought in to do
  • Productiv provided a fixed unit price per finished good in order to allow client purchasing department to budget the spend
  • Project was completed on time without defect at our Charlotte facility
  • In addition, we adapted to client’s changing specification mid-project and were able to re-engineer new configuration without a change in the delivered fixed unit cost

Returns Case Study

Fixed Unit Cost Reverse Logistics: Clothing and Shoes Sort

  • Client sends Productiv 80,000 pairs of shoes, boots and clothing items to be processed for resale
  • Productiv unloads mix containers, sorts and inspects all materials
  • Materials meeting quality specifications are segregated, re-tagged and prepared for resale shipment
  • Materials not meeting quality specifications are scrapped and recycled
  • Productiv invoices a fixed unit price for sorting, inspecting quality, scrapping, re-tagging which allows Client to lock-in margins for reselling merchandise based on Productiv’s fixed cost

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Contract Packaging Case Study

Repackaging: Paper towels, Tissues and Toilet Paper for a Forestry Client

  • Client uses Productiv to repackage paper towels, tissues and toilet paper into retail carton and bag packaging
  • Productiv receives bulk product off of converting lines which are automated
  • Productiv takes converted finished goods, unpacks from production line and then repackages products in quantities of 6, 8, 12 and 24 and wraps or boxes for individual retail brands
  • Productiv does work on a fixed unit price per finished good price in order to allow plant operation to budget cost appropriately

Engineering Simplicity Case Study

Product Design: Sustainable, Thermal Control Packaging

  • Client partnered with Productiv to help design thermal packaging for food delivery
  • Productiv provided engineering support for both the product design as well as the packaging necessary to ship product to clients economically
  • Product currently has national distribution through major clients and expanding into new industries




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