Productiv – Contract Packaging Services in Charlotte

Your sites, our teams. Fixed unit costs with expert results.

Customers are drawn to products that give them a pleasant experience, and packaging is such an integral part of what drives repeat purchases. Skimping out on packaging means sinking your chances at brand-loyal customers. But a nice packaging experience doesn’t come without its own set of challenges – a multi-step assembly and custom handwork can be required to get the box just right. With each added step of complexity, your packaging costs could go up. How can you perfect your product without breaking your budget?

Especially when it comes to ‘last mile’ assembly or secondary packaging, supply chain managers often find themselves at a loss. Some resort to the expensive choice of hiring temporary workers to plow through the handwork and get the items shipped on time. Others hire additional full-time employees and make amendments to the workflow that can really compromise fulfilment schedules. There’s a third way. Enter: Productiv Contract Packaging Services.

If you’re interested in upping your packaging game without spiraling out of control on labor or workflow trade-offs, contact Productiv in Charlotte at (804) 893-5358 to chat about our Contract Packaging. We’ve offered quality packaging services in Charlotte since we’ve been open, and over time we’ve developed a reputation as one of the top providers in the state. Our clients are winning manufacturers and brands that need their products kitted, packaged and delivered to customers and other retail outlets. Are you working on a strict deadline? We can get you up and running within a few days, turning around most quotes in under 24 hours after initial contact.

The Productiv Edge

Productiv brings solutions to common packaging needs like:

  • Accommodating sudden surges in output because of seasonality or growth
  • Hitting tight delivery schedules (requiring speed and efficiency) 
  • Meeting budgets and operational targets
  • Maintaining quality across all output


Productiv is a partner from project inception through to completion. Our consultants collaborate with you on a working plan and regularly check in with progress reports.  Productiv Contract Packaging Services help Charlotte businesses replace temporary workers with cost-effective solutions that include:

  • Expert assembly,  hand packaging, re-work, kitting, fulfillment and inspection
  • Fixed cost per unit: don’t get charged for time – just for output
  • Workflows that employ lean-engineered principles, saving money and time
  • Pre- and post-assembly quality control checks as well as inline checks
  • Scalable operations capable of accomodating sudden spikes from growth or seasonality
  • Charlotte flexibility: work with a client-embed within your warehouse or from one of Productiv’s locations
  • Reduced dependency on staffing agencies and the costs affiliated with project-managing temporary labor

Embedded Contract Packaging

Because of how their owned facilities and contracts are designed, some companies we work with cannot relocate contract packaging to our Charlotte facility. With Productiv, that’s no problem at all and hiring a contract packager might still make sense for you. That’s because we’re experts in sending our teams to work at your site to complete projects – in just the same way they would at our home facilities. And you don’t have to worry about setting aside time for your FTEs – we provide on-site supervision so productivity and quality oversight are taken care of.

How Can Productiv Contract Packaging Transform Your Business?

Find out now by calling us at (804) 893-5358. We’ll chat about your needs and develop a proposal that matches your budget and timeline. With the amount of our services to choose from, it’s practically a guarantee that we’ll be able to find a solution that will improve your business’s ‘last mile’ assembly or packaging.