Productiv – Contract Packaging Services in Chicago

Your sites, our teams. Fixed unit costs with expert results.

Having the right package for your product can elevate your customer’s experience. By the same token, a misstep in packaging can seriously undermine your brand and turn customers to your competitors.  In the era of unboxing videos, it’s rare that a prefab solution to packaging will really elicit surprise or delight. But shipping a product with custom, hand-packed assembly creates a labor problem all its own. What to do?

You’re not alone. Many organizations struggle with ‘last mile’ assembly or secondary packaging. Some choose to offload the extra labor to staffing agencies and their temporary workers. That can be an incredibly expensive choice. Others bring in more full time workers and create all-new workflows that can be disruptive to fulfillment. Productiv Contract Packaging Services is the turnkey solution you’re looking for.

If you’ve thought about contract packaging, but would like to learn more about whether or not it’s a fit for your Chicago business, call Productiv at (804) 893-5358. We have a wide variety of clients in Chicago and have prepared jobs both big and small for their final destinations of retailers, distribution centers, or doorsteps. A quick turnaround is no problem at all – more often than not, we can get you a quote in around 24 hours and be up and running within a few days.

The Productiv Difference

Productiv contract packaging can fulfill some of your key operational needs:

  • Sprint capacity based on seasonality, growth or surge demand
  • The right efficiency and speed improvements that nail delivery schedules
  • Bringing down the cost of operations and staffing
  • Boosting the quality of your output

Our consultants work with you from the very beginning to set project requirements that align with your business objectives. We believe we’re the better alternative to temporary workers, offering:

  • Exemplary assembly, hand packaging, fulfillment, kitting, and inspection
  • Fixed cost per unit: you only pay for results
  • An optimized workflow that saves time and money through lean engineering
  • Multiple in-house quality checkpoints
  • Scalable operations by design (capable of handling seasonality, promotions, etc.)
  • Chicago flexibility: we work from one of Productiv’s locations or through an embedded solution at your warehouse
  • Reduction in your organization’s dependency  on staffing agencies and the hidden costs associated with them

Embedded Contract Packaging

There’s a whole host of reasons that your supply chain might be unable to accommodate contract packaging outside of your owned facilities. As experts in supply chain efficiency, we at Productiv understand this scenario and have designed a version of the service where our staff works from your site to complete contract packaging projects. On-site supervision is included, so you never miss a beat when it comes to productivity and quality oversight.

What Can Our Contract Packaging Services Do For You?

Contact Productiv at (804) 893-5358 to kick off a conversation about your contract packaging or secondary packaging needs. Given the flexibility and variety of services we offer, it’s likely we can find a ‘last mile’ assembly or packaging solution that works for you.