Productiv – Contract Packaging Services in Dallas

Your sites, our teams. Fixed unit costs with expert results.

A well-constructed package can make or break the customer experience, especially in today’s market that’s driven by bundles and multi-piece kits. Creating the perfect unpackaging experience – one that’s designed for customer delight – is more often than not an extremely complex task when it comes to assembly.

At Productiv, it’s common for our clients to approach us with this issue: how can we employ a method for secondary packaging or ‘last mile’ assembly that remains efficient and cost-effective? Some have opted to hire out the labor to temporary workers from staffing agencies but have found it’s too costly. Others bring on more permanent employees and adjust their workflows, but that isn’t quite right either. Productiv’s contract packaging service is the all-in-one solution you’re looking for

If you think your Dallas-based organization could benefit from contract packaging services, you can find out by contacting a Productiv CSR at (804) 893-5358. Throughout the time we’ve been active in the Dallas market, we’ve built a reputation as one of the top providers of contract packaging in the area. Our clients are successful brands who need their products kitted, packaged and delivered to customers or retailers. Rush jobs aren’t a problem for Productiv. It only takes us about a day to turn around most quotes, and we can have operations up and running in under a week.

What Sets Us Apart:

Productiv can be the missing piece for operational needs like:

  • Sudden scale surges because of spikes in demand, seasonality or growth
  • Added efficiency and quickness to hit delivery deadlines
  • Driving down staffing costs or operational budgets
  • Ensuring top-tier quality output

Productiv understands the importance of careful planning, and we work to lay out your specific requirements and business objectives from the very beginning of the project. Often more inexpensive than temp labor, we can offer:

  • Skillful inspection, assembly, kitting, hand packaging, re-work, and fulfillment
  • Fixed cost per unit: why pay for hours when you could just pay for output?
  • Workflows that save money and time by employing lean-engineered principles
  • Rigorous quality checks
  • Flexible operations that are designed for scaling, be it for growth, promotions, or seasonality
  • Dallas-specific service: operate out of Productiv’s location or use an embedded solution at your facility
  • A reduced dependency on staffing agencies and all the other considerations that arise from temp labor

Embedded Contract Packaging

Is your supply chain immutable? Is it important that packaging, assembly, and distribution all remain in the same building? This could be the case for any number of reasons – but contract packaging could still make sense for you. We offer embedded contract packaging services that operate out of your facility to complete specific tasks that require specialized kitting, assembly, or other complex handwork. With our on-site supervision, you can be assured of quality, workflow, and efficiency.

Could our Dallas Contract Packaging Services Be Right For You?

Give us a call at (804) 893-5358, and we’ll discuss how Productiv can meet your secondary packaging or contract packaging needs. Our services can be mixed and matched based on your unique situation, so it’s likely that we can discover a solution for you that adds value and could revolutionize the way your ‘last-mile’ assembly works.