Productiv – Contract Packaging Services in Richmond

Your sites, our teams. Fixed unit costs with expert results.

In a packaged goods industry increasingly dominated by bundles, all-in-one solutions and multi-piece products, a well-constructed package can make or break the customer experience. Often times, however, the product that is designed for maximum customer delight and repeat purchasing might also be unavoidably complex in its assembly, hence requiring labor-intensive operations.

Many organizations we talk to struggle with finding the most efficient method for their ‘last mile’ assembly or secondary packaging. Some turn to costly solutions like hiring temporary workers through staffing agencies. Others hire more permanent employees and manage the variability of their utilization and productivity. Productiv offers a better solution. 

If you’re looking for contract packaging services in Richmond, contact a CSR at Productiv at (804) 893-5358 and let us know how we can help. We have been offering top-tier packaging services in the Richmond area for many years. In that time, we have established ourselves as one of the best providers in the state working with many highly successful manufacturers and brands to get goods kitted, packaged and delivered to retail outlets or direct to customers. Have a pressing need? We can turn around most quotes in less than 24 hours and be operational in just a few days.

The Productiv Advantage:

Productiv can solve a number of operational needs such as:

  • Additional capacity due to growth, seasonality or surge demand
  • More efficiencies and speed to meet delivery schedules
  • Reducing operational or staffing costs
  • Improving quality of output

Productiv will consult with you at the beginning of your project to determine your specific requirements and business objectives. As a cost-effective alternative to temporary labor we offer:

  • Expert hand packaging, assembly, kitting, re-work, inspection and fulfillment
  • Fixed cost per unit: pay only for output, not for hours
  • Lean-engineered workflows that save time and money
  • Inline quality controls
  • Operations are designed for scale and flexibility for growth, seasonality and promotions
  • Richmond flexibility: one of Productiv’s locations or a client-embed solution at your facility
  • Benefit of reducing reliance on staffing agencies and the soft costs of managing temp labor

Embedded Contract Packaging

Some companies we work with prefer to keep assembly, packaging and distribution all under the same roof. If you have this same preference, you may think hiring an offsite contract packaging partner would run counter to the synergies you’ve created at your worksites. Rest assured, as a leader in supply chain efficiency, we understand this situation and have developed a service where our teams embed at your site to complete contract packaging work. We include on-site supervision so there is plenty of productivity and quality oversight.

How can our Contract Packaging services help you?

Give us a call at (804) 893-5358 to discuss how we can meet your contract packaging or secondary packaging needs. With the variety and flexibility of services, chances are good we’ll have a value-add solution that’s a perfect fit for that ‘last mile’ of your assembly or packaging.