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As one of America’s great centers of commerce, Charlotte businesses have adapted to technologies that change the way we consider fulfillment and distribution. The latest revolution in e-commerce has transformed consumer expectations, and businesses can no longer claim their quick fulfillment and distribution as a competitive advantage. Instead, supply chain managers spend a great deal of time ensuring they don’t lose consumer confidence by having items on shipping delays or backorders.

And, though it may help, hiring additional staff or leasing extra warehouse space isn’t the answer. No matter how many employees or warehouses you have, it doesn’t change the fact that products are often complex. It can take specialized kitting, handwork or packagin processes to get from point A to point B. At Productiv, we specialize in delivering highly-finessed fulfillment and distribution services with precision and cost efficiency.

If you’ve had trouble optimizing your supply chain because of product-level challenges, we’d love to talk. You can contact a Productiv CSR today at (804) 893-5358. Our conversation will cover all of the relevant details about your project, and we’ll get to work on putting together a proposal that features a custom solution aimed at getting the job done right.

Charlotte Fulfillment and Distribution You Can Depend On

Charlotte organizations of all sizes and configurations can turn to Producitv to handle fulfillment and distribution. Our end-to-end services include:

  • Shipping to DCs and big box stores. Are you B2B? B2C? Either way, we’ll make sure your products reach these common destinations.
  • Direct shipping. Do you run an e-store that ships straight to households or other direct destinations? No problem!
  • Pick/packaging services. A great deal goes into getting an item from its bulk storage to an individualized package. We use lean-engineered operations to get it done quickly.
  • International and rush shipping. Charlotte to Sydney on a strict schedule? We can get it done.
  • Regulated items. We work across many industries and maintain compliance with even the most regulated classes of items (pharma, hygiene, etc.).
  • Storage/Inventory. It can be tough to find good spaces in Charlotte at a reasonable price. Let us take away the headaches and guesswork.
  • Processing returns. Even if a product shows up perfectly intact, consumers will request returns for any number of reasons. We can make this process fast and hassle-free.
  • Reverse logistics. What good is it to have an item back in Charlotte if it remains uninspected or outside your inventory system? We process goods fast so that they can be resold or refurbished quickly.
  • Shipping expertise. Integration between major shippers and our Order Management System to reduce errors and reduce costs.

A Case Study of Productiv Fulfillment: Medical Devices and Custom Solutions

Some products are more delicate than others. If you have concerns about the volatility of your product, consider this case where Productive was contracted by an international aid client to distribute life-saving medical devices:

  • Challenge. Make sure the medical devices made it to their destination without missing a delivery window or compromising the product
  • Solution. Adjust the storage and shipping environments to accommodate the product’s specific needs; build a custom HVAC system to better control temperature and humidity
  • Execution. Fulfill all orders from hospital staff (irregularly timed and with short leads) to make sure the doctors had what they needed for each procedure

More Charlotte Services


Productiv does much more than just fulfillment and distribution. We also offer a complete set of business process and supply chain services that can be a major catalyst for your Charlotte business. We specialize in the following:

  • Hand assembly
  • Kitting
  • Product inspection
  • Sorting
  • Packaging
  • Labeling and Re-labeling
  • Reverse logistics
  • POS display building pack-outs

We’re eager to earn your business.  Call today and ask about our Fulfillment and Distribution Services, right here in Charlotte!

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