Productiv – Fulfillment and Distribution Services in Chicago

Managing order fulfillment, value-add services, distribution and reverse logistics for B2B and direct-to-consumer clients.

If you’re a supply chain manager in Chicago, you’re no stranger to the ways that e-commerce companies have tuned customer expectations around fulfillment and distribution. Quick fulfillment and distribution has gone from a “nice-to-have” competitive advantage to a “non-negotiable” baseline expectation. You likely spend much of your day making sure backorders and shipping delays are avoided at all cost. 

The secret to better fulfillment and distribution, you might think, might be in hiring additional staff or leasing extra warehouse space. Though taking those steps might help, it’s often more complicated than that. Products can be complex – it’s common that they require special considerations in kitting, transfer or storage to successfully ship. At Productiv, we’re experts at managing complexity and finding a solution for fulfillment and distribution that fits your budget and delivery timelines. 

Have you spent time seeking a custom solution to fulfillment and distribution that optimizes efficiencies, but come up empty? Look no further than a Productiv CSR that can be reached today at (804) 893-5358. Our team will gather all of the details unique to your projects and design a mix of services that gets the job done simply and effectively.

Dependable Fulfillment and Distribution in Chicago

It doesn’t matter if your Chicago business is a big, small or medium-sized enterprise, as Productive services scale to fit all types of supply chains. We take care of fulfillment and distribution for numerous major retailers in the area, providing an array of services:

  • Box store and DC shipping. Whether your operation is Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer, we make sure your goods get to box stores and distribution centers according to schedule. 
  • Direct shipping. If your online store ships product directly to homes or offices, we’ve got it covered.
  • Pick/pack services. We’ll get your product from pallet or storage to individual boxed package quickly and exactly to your specification.
  • International and expedited shipping. Chicago to Seoul on a tight timeline? We can make it happen.
  • Industry-regulated items. Just let us know of any special compliance rules around storage or packaging, and we’ll adhere to each regulation.
  • Warehouse. Space in Chicago isn’t cheap, and running your fulfilment and distribution services through Productiv can likely save you headaches and hefty leasing bills.
  • Processing returns. If for any reason a product needs to get shipped back to Chicago, we’ll make sure it makes it back in one piece.
  • Reverse logistics. Productiv makes reverse logistics easy and fast – returned products are cataloged, inspected, and re-entered into inventory without long turnaround lags.

Productiv Case Study: De-palletizing Medical Devices and Getting them to Hospitals Quickly

At Productiv, we’ve been entrusted with precious, life-saving materials that need to show up on time and carefully packed. We could do the same for you. Consider this challenge we faced from an international aid client:

  • Problem. Transfer medical devices from pallets to their destinations at a hospital, making sure not to miss delivery windows or allow the packages to deviate from a specific temperature range  
  • Solution strategy. Customize a warehouse environment – including bespoke HVAC solutions and layout to fulfill the device’s exact humidity and temperature limitations. 
  • Implementation. Productiv made sure the devices reached doctors and hospital staff according to a strict delivery window so that they can be utilized during unpredictably-scheduled procedures.

Additional Chicago-based Services

Productiv is much more than a fulfillment and distribution partner. We also offer a comprehensive suite of business process and production services that can boost your Chicago-market presence. Consider what Productiv could do for your: 

  • Labeling and re-labeling, 
  • Kitting, 
  • Package finishing, 
  • Hand assembly, 
  • Inspection, and 
  • Reverse logistics.

We can’t wait to partner with you.  Contact us today about Fulfillment and Distribution Services, right here in Chicago!