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Productiv – Fulfillment and Distribution Services in Dallas

Dallas-based supply chain customers tell us all the time: Thanks to giant e-commerce companies, consumers now expect fast and flawless fulfillment and distribution from any vendor they use. The truth is that it’s no longer a competitive advantage to have quick fulfillment and distribution – instead it’s a baseline expectation. ‘Backorder’ and ‘shipping delays’ have become two of the most painful expressions in our industry.

You might think that all you need for improved fulfillment and distribution is additional staff or warehouse space. It isn’t always that easy. One of your products, because of its needs related to kitting, hand-assembly, logistics or storage, might demand a custom-made solution. That’s exactly the kind of challenge where Productiv excels. We design fulfillment and distribution services that can drive costs down and shorten delivery times.

If your supply chain has inefficiencies in its fulfilment or distribution phases, reach out to a Productiv CSR at (804) 893-5358. There are a number of ways we can help, and we’ll match you up with the right mix of services that can get the job done effectively.

Reliable Fulfillment and Distribution in Dallas

Regardless of your Dallas business’s size or industry, there’s a Productiv service that’s right for you. We manage fulfillment and distribution for multiple high-volume operations in the area and can offer packages that include:

  • Box store and DC shipping. Need to deliver goods to big box stores or DCs located in Dallas and surrounding areas? No problem. We handle both B2B and B2C orders to these popular outlets.
  • Shipping direct to consumers. We manage order fulfillment from ecommerce platforms and ensure products show up to consumers’ exact specifications.
  • Pick/pack services. Our method of moving goods from bulk inventory to ship-ready packages is optimized for efficiency thanks to lean engineering principles.
  • Expedited and international shipping. Dallas to Shanghai on a deadline? No problem.
  • Regulated product shipping. Our teams are mindful of product regulations and inspect each package to be certain that nothing goes out in violation of industry codes.
  • Warehouse services. Square footage doesn’t always come cheap in Dallas, and we’ve offloaded space burdens for numerous businesses who now run their fulfillment and distribution though our warehouses.
  • Returns processing. Our return systems are set up to painlessly bring items from customers’ doorsteps back to your Dallas facilities.
  • Reverse logistics. With Productiv, restocking items is fast and easy – and thanks to our inventory management, there’s no more losing track of items or keeping them in the reprocessing phase indefinitely.
  • Shipping experts. Our OMS works with major shippers. We use packaging and materials to minimize costs.

Productiv Case Study: When Medical Procedures Depend on Quick Fulfillment

At Productiv, we know that no two clients are exactly alike and that many require strict adherence to time deadlines. We can build a solution you can rely on – just consider this case from an international client:

  • Problem. Get palletized medical devices to a hospital, keeping to strict time and environmental constraints
  • Solution. Create a custom warehouse environment, full equipped with an HVAC system that could handle the device’s precise humidity and temperature requirements. Productiv distributed devices to doctors and hospital staff within a short delivery window so that they can be used during procedures that are scheduled at irregular intervals with little notice.

More Services for Dallas Clients

On top of fulfillment and distribution projects, Productiv also maintains numerous business process and production services that businesses in Dallas utilize. These value-add services include: kitting, labeling and re-labeling, hand assembly, package finishing, inspection and reverse logistics. 

Overhaul your supply chain today with Productiv’s Dallas-based Fulfillment and Distribution Services!

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