Productiv – Inspection & Rework Services in Dallas

Repurposing SKUs or correcting improperly packaged/labeled goods to meet updated specifications

Imagine: you’ve just finished a limited-time product run where you advertised a partnership or one-time event on the product’s packaging. It was a smart marketing tactic, but there’s a problem: sales were less than forecasted, and you end up with a large reserve of the product that now has out of date labeling. There’s nothing else ‘wrong’ with the product, and it could otherwise be a good source of revenue for your company. This is just one case of many where Rework Services could be a value-add for your supply chain.

Productiv’s Dallas-based Rework and Product Inspection program helps local clients to ready mislabeled, off-promotion or otherwise defective products for market. Even the industry’s best procurement and supply chain managers run into issues that require fast and reliable rework. By partnering with Productiv, situations that might otherwise be crisis moments can instead be financial windfalls.

Have you encountered an issue that requires high-quality inspection & rework on a deadline? Contact a Productiv CSR at (804) 893-5358 today and we’ll talk about all the different ways we might be able to help.

Dallas Inspection & Rework Services: How It Works

The Productiv rework team has deep expertise in the complex handwork needed to salvage misprinted or improperly packaged inventory. It all takes place from our state-of-the-art Dallas facility or your owned site of operations:

  • Consult: We partner with businesses to understand the exact nature of the work needed salvage a product, and our team of experts design a solution that’s cost-effective and quick
  • Inspect: We train our assembly staff in the rework process and they begin working with the existing inventory, laying the groundwork for the new specifications
  • Rework: We utilize lean principles to prepare the product for point of sale – anything from removing faulty pieces, (un)bundling, and/or relabeling 

Don’t let a few promotion bundles, damaged pieces or a label misprint force you to discard entire slates of inventory – instead let Productiv’s Rework and Product Inspection team help convert these goods to usable, retail-ready product.

Rework in Action: Utilizing ‘Sprint Capacity’ to Rectify a Large-Scale Labeling Error

Consider this real business example from a Productiv client who partnered with our rework services in order to repackaged more than 1 million pieces of hygiene product in under a month: 

  • The Challenge. 1.5 million lip balms from a global beauty brand arrived from Asia with a misprinted label.
  • The Solution: Productiv teams inspected and repacked every individual piece to be retail-ready in time for an important deadline — the holiday season.
  • The Implementation: 500 pallets arrived in just one day and Productiv finished inspection, rework and point of sale preparation in just over 20 days.

Additional Services in Dallas

In addition to Inspection & Rework projects, Productiv offers a variety of other business process and production services to businesses in and around Dallas. These include:

  • Kitting
  • Hand assembly
  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Reverse logistics
  • Sorting

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