Productiv – Kitting & Hand Assembly Services in Charlotte

Converting components into goods at a fixed unit price

Does your Charlotte-based company create a consumer product that requires careful assembly of disparate parts? Piecing together these products during the packaging phase can create complicated supply chain challenges, and selecting a kitting partner with the wrong capabilities can be frustrating and expensive.

Productiv’s Kitting & Hand Assembly services are different. We stand out from the field because we specialize in taking on projects with complex handwork, component packaging, and other finishing techniques while retaining quality and affordability. We have longstanding partnerships with brands whose portfolios consist of products with many different SKU variants, each one with its own hyper-specific assembly specs. 

Once we begin a project, we make it a point to become an extension of your Charlotte supply chain team, fully integrated with your logistics, procurement and distribution functions. To learn more, contact a Productiv Customer Service Representative at (804) 893-5358 and we’ll work together to identify all the different ways we might be able to assist.

Charlotte Kitting & Hand Assembly Services: Outcomes at Cost-Per-Unit Pricing

Productiv’s clients include many Charlotte-based organizations across industries such as consumer technology, cosmetics and personal care, food & beverage, healthcare supplies, household items, gift sets, toys, and more. Read on to learn about our kitting and hand assembly approach:

  • Cost-per-Unit Contracts: We base our fee structure entirely on outcomes; that way our clients can predict costs and keep budgets on track
  • Onboarding: We begin with a customized startup session where we agree on project specifications ahead of work kicking off, reducing costly rework and back-and-forth later into the project
  • Training: We train our team on your SOPs, ensuring consistency and quality without the need for retraining that can be necessary when working with temporary workers
  • “Lean” Assembly: We use lean assembly principles that maximize throughput and create easy scalability within projects, even on short deadlines
  • Quality Check: We carefully examine each finished box to be sure it meets specifications before leaving the facility, which helps lower returns and other rework while bolstering customer satisfaction

Productiv Kitting in Action: Quick Meal Assembly During Hurricane Relief

Immediately following Hurricane Maria making landfall in Puerto Rico, a disaster recovery organization approached Productiv with a critically important request: help provide meals to aid workers and stranded residents. Here’s how this real-life client project unfolded:   

  • The Challenge: Engage partners and teams quickly to kit and produce 150,000 grocery boxes with essentials.
  • The Solution: Quickly establish a 100+ person facility after securing all necessary equipment, warehouse space, conveyors and food supplies.
  • The Implementation: A full team effort where Productiv kit and shipped nearly 3 million meals in just 33 days to citizens in Puerto Rico. Check out a video of the team here.

Additional Services in Charlotte

In addition to Kitting & Hand Assembly projects, Productiv offers a variety of other business process and production services to businesses in and around Charlotte. These include:

  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Reverse logistics
  • Sorting
  • Fulfilment & Distribution
  • Inspection & Rework

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