Productiv – Kitting & Hand Assembly Services in Dallas

Converting components into goods at a fixed unit price

Is one of your Dallas-area company’s products a packaged good that requires kitted assembly of various discrete parts? Readying these products for distribution can require complicated processes, and selecting a kitting partner that doesn’t have sophisticated capabilities can result in cost overruns and missed deadlines.

Productiv’s Kitting & Hand Assembly services provide the right solutions for complex supply chains. We specialize in taking on projects with multistep handwork, component packaging, and other finishing techniques while retaining competitive pricing and a high level of quality. We have longstanding relationships with clients whose portfolios have products with multiple SKU variants, each one with its own custom set of assembly requirements. 

After we onboard with a client, we take great care to become an extension of your Dallas supply chain workforce, seamlessly aligned with your distribution, procurement and logistics functions. To learn how we can work together to expedite and optimize your kitting and hand assembly, contact a Productiv Customer Service Representative at (804) 893-5358.

Dallas Kitting & Hand Assembly Services: Our Approach

Productiv’s clients include many Dallas-based companies in industries like food & beverage, consumer technology, cosmetics and personal care, healthcare supplies, gift sets, household items, toys, and more. Below you’ll find a summary of our kitting and hand assembly approach:

  • Cost-per-Unit Contracts: We base our invoicing entirely on finished product; that way our clients can keep budgets on track by predicting cost
  • Onboarding: We begin with a tailored onboarding session where we align on project parameters ahead of work kicking off, reducing rework expenses and time-consuming back-and-forths later into the project
  • Training: We familiarize our team with your SOPs, preventing inconsistency and poor quality assurance; this takes place once and avoids the need for constant retraining due to temp worker turnover
  • “Lean” Assembly: We use lean assembly principles that produce optimized throughput and allows for quick, easy scalability within projects
  • Quality Check: We inspect each completed box to be sure it meets specs before leaving the assembly center, which helps lower customer returns and other rework

Productiv Kitting in Action: Quick-turn Meal Assembly For Hurricane Relief Efforts

After Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico, a disaster recovery client retained Productiv to accomplish an important recovery task: help provide meals to stranded residents and aid workers as they were deployed in the area. Here’s how this real-life case study unfolded:   

  • The Challenge: Activate teams and vendors/partners quickly to package and produce 150,000 grocery boxes with lifesaving essentials.
  • The Solution: Establish a 100+ person facility under a tight deadline, immediately upon securing all necessary warehouse space, equipment, conveyors and food supplies.
  • The Implementation: A comprehensive team effort where Productiv turned out nearly 3 million meals in just over a month to residents in Puerto Rico. Check out a visual case study here.

Additional Services in Dallas

In addition to Kitting & Hand Assembly projects, Productiv offers a variety of other business process and production services to businesses in and around Dallas. These include:

  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Reverse logistics
  • Sorting
  • Fulfilment & Distribution
  • Inspection & Rework

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