Productiv – Kitting & Hand Assembly Services in Richmond

Converting components into goods at a fixed unit price

Does your Richmond-area business manufacture or distribute a consumer product with multiple component parts? If you’ve ever turned to a kitting solution to assemble each part for consumer use, you know just how important speed and quality assurance can be to meeting deadlines and succeeding in the market.

Productiv’s Kitting & Hand Assembly services create affordable and efficient solutions to the supply chain challenges that are created by products requiring complex handwork, component packaging, or other finishing techniques. We have deep experience in handling orders with many different SKU variants, each with their own highly-specific assembly specifications. 

We function as an extension of your local Richmond supply chain team, incorporating seamlessly with your procurement, logistics and distribution functions. To learn more, contact a Productiv CSR at (804) 893-5358 and we’ll talk about all the different ways we might be able to help.

Richmond kitting & hand assembly that produce results

Productiv provides kitting and assembly for a broad range of Richmond companies working in areas such as cosmetics and personal care, consumer technology, food & beverage, healthcare supplies, household items, gift sets, toys, and more. Here’s how it works:

  • Cost-per-Unit Contracts: We set up each project on a flat rate based on final product outcomes, keeping pricing predictable and affordable.
  • Onboarding: We have a kickoff consultation that sets up project specifications before work goes live, reducing back-and-forths and rework
  • Training: We train our teams on your SOPs, ensuring consistency and quality while avoiding the retraining cycle inherent to temporary workers
  • “Lean” Assembly: We employ lean principles to maximize throughput and allow for flexible scaling on short deadlines
  • Quality Check: We take the extra time to make sure your kits are up to specification before shipping, reducing returns and other rework while boosting customer satisfaction

Productiv kitting in action: quick assembly of meals for hurricane relief

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, a disaster recovery client approached Productiv with a lifesaving request: help feed stranded residents and aid workers as they helped provide critical services. Here’s how this real-life case study unfolded:   

  • The Challenge: Mobilize partners and teams quickly to kit and ship 150,000 food boxes with essentials.
  • The Solution: Immediately set up and begin operating a 100+ person facility using leased space, equipment, conveyors and goods.
  • The Implementation: ‘All-hands’ team effort where Productiv packaged and delivered 2.7 million meals in just 33 days to citizens in Puerto Rico. Check out a video of the team in action here.

Additional Services in Richmond

In addition to Kitting & Hand Assembly projects, Productiv offers a variety of other business process and production services to businesses in and around Richmond. These include:

  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Reverse logistics
  • Sorting
  • Fulfilment & Distribution
  • Inspection & Rework

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