Onsite Contract Packaging

Your sites, our teams. Fixed unit costs with expert results.

Do your fulfillment or manufacturing tasks often outpace the capacity of your production lines?

At Productiv, we’ve perfected the art of collaboration. If you have a production job that’s particularly labor intensive or requires complex handwork, our experts and line-managers can embed at your operation and staff the project with a team of trained workers that will act as extensions of your team to help get the job done correctly and efficiently.

Because our model uses fixed unit cost pricing, our success is always linked to yours. By contracting with Productiv, you can reduce the number of temporary workers in your plants while eliminating the need to use costly staffing agencies. Part of our team onboarding includes training our workers on your norms and culture, so you can be assured of a smooth integration. In addition, our teams share in incentives that prioritize productivity and quality — outcomes that fit your exact specifications.

We have deep experience collaborating with companies in the cosmetics, personal care and OTC pharmaceutical industries, and our capabilities are applicable across all consumer packaged goods verticals.

What makes Productiv different:

  • Quick turnarounds and short lead times – Project quotes in 24 hours or less
  • Reliable workforce – Our employees trained on your SOPs and quality specifications
  • Experienced on-site supervisors – Seasoned results-oriented leaders
  • Our ‘Way’ – Lean-engineered processes improve quality and efficiency for less
  • Quality assurance – Checks built into all processes to reduce rework

Fill Lines

Operating liquid and dry-goods lines with pack out services

Productiv has deep experience operating supply lines that are tasked with readying wet & dry goods for consumer use. We partner with clients to fill, bottle, package and pack out products – all from their own sites. Our team of assembly experts can efficiently manage complex projects with multiple SKUs for a single product – from small sample-sized blister packs to large bottles. No form factor is too unwieldy or difficult.

Our teams seamlessly integrate with your existing lines, or we can supplement staff with a qualified machine operator and line supervisor. Either way, you’ll benefit from contracts that are KPI-based and optimized for speed & accuracy, all at cost-per-unit pricing.

Here’s how our Fill Lines services can be put to work for you:

Our Fill Approach How You Benefit
Work together to properly scope a project and plan for its scale and demand Provides a customized proposal that is right-sized by design and not an off-the-shelf solution
Train and integrate Productiv staff with client teams Avoids culture clashes or discrepancies in company norms and product specifications
Fill product(s) – either as part of a larger managed team or under the advisement of an onsite Productiv supervisor Prepares your products for retail distribution at a fixed unit price
Conduct quality control checks Assures that your goods are finished exactly according to your specs
Load products and pack-out Provides you with hand-off ready parcels

How it could look for you:

Looking to improve the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of your in-house Fill Lines? Contact us today to learn more about how Productiv can help. We serve clients in multiple industries and regions, with special expertise in consumer packaged goods for personal care, cosmetic and medical supply companies.


The Challenge: Manufacturer of health and beauty products was growing and demand for output was exceeding current capacity.

The Solution: After a trial with Productiv teams, supervisors and processes, our on-site workforce has grown to manage over 70% of client’s labor-intensive lines and processes.

The Results: 7-year on-site partnership with continuous growth and margin improvement. 100% increase in output and 20% decrease in costs.


Management of Hand Packaging Departments

Staffing lines with managers who are trained on lean principles and best practices in warehousing, material handling, assembly, packaging and quality assurance

Despite the disadvantages of using temporary labor for hand packing operations, supply chain managers might inherit a legacy operation using staffing agencies or turn to those options in special circumstances. When experienced line management is a high priority, Productiv’s Hand Packaging Management services can provide extra capacity for your onsite operations. Our supervisors embed at your worksite and coach teams on productivity and efficiency so that targets are never missed.

Some clients begin by partnering with Productiv to evaluate the workflow of their hand packing projects: from process to staff positioning to quality checks. After a thorough consultation, our Hand Packing Management team can recommend ways to optimize floorspace, workflows and material handling based on lean-engineered principles to boost project outcomes.

How it could look for you:

Are you ready to make the jump from over-capacity FTE supervisors and disjointed temp workforces to a cohesive team that works as an organized unit toward your shared goal? Reach out today!


The Challenge: Printing company was looking to offer clients hand work as part of their solution in order to offer higher value marketing and signage programs. They needed expertise in pricing and executing handwork since in-house knowledge focused on printing.

The Solution: Productiv placed a Supervisor on site and hired the printer’s existing handwork department. Productiv provides real time pricing to print estimators and manages all hand packaging projects.

The Results: Client has additional services to offer clients for incremental revenue stream. Productiv’s locked-in pricing allows client to accurately estimate and win more projects with value-add hand packaging opportunities.


Fixed-Cost Labor Programs

Designing projects that prioritize outcomes instead of duration-based temporary staffing

Our clients often come to us in a time crunch, needing to package and ship thousands of pieces of product in short order. It’s not uncommon that they turn to the assistance of temporary labor instead of manning their lines with FTEs. It’s a choice that relies on a faulty assumption: hiring temporary workers is cheaper and sometimes the only option.

The fact is that, when factoring in direct and hidden costs like training, turnover, re-training, extra oversight, and supervisor frustration, the cost of temporary labor can be 53% higher than alternative solutions. Not only that, but Productiv can have a project up and running within 24 hours through our sprint capacity program — so even the tightest deadlines don’t require temp staffing.

Additionally, Productiv’s outsourcing and onsite contract packaging solutions offer cost advantages over hiring temporary labor. Most notably, our projects with clients rely on cost-per-unit pricing, the most effective way to guarantee projects don’t encounter overruns or delays based on turnover. The contrast is especially evident when compared to the cost-plus model of staffing agencies.

How it could look for you:

Interested in learning more and seeing how Productiv’s embedded fixed-cost labor programs can revolutionize your supply chain? Check out our e-book, Disrupting Temp Labor: A Smarter Way to Manage Variable Workforces, and contact us today. We can set up a consultation within one business day of receiving an inquiry.


The Challenge: Internal teams were not keeping up with hospital demand for multiple versions of medical kits.

The Solution: On-site program was implemented to improve throughput and quality. Restored warehouse inventory to optimal levels.

The Results: Using ‘The Productiv Way’, teams increased throughput 20%-50%, even for complex 65-item kits.


Rework and Product Inspection

Repurposing SKUs or correcting improperly packaged/labeled goods to meet updated specifications

Imagine: you’ve just wrapped a promotion where your product’s packaging advertised a partnership that ended unexpectedly. You’re stuck with thousands of pieces of product that now have out of date labeling but are otherwise fit to sell. What do you do?

Productiv’s embedded Rework and Product Inspection program helps clients convert their unusable inventory to consumer-ready product – all from the convenience of their own worksites. Even the most thoughtful supply chain managers and procurement teams run into issues with improperly labeled items, faulty lots, or obsolete SKUs that can be salvaged by inspection, updated bundling or re-packaging.

Our teams specialize in the intensive handwork needed to inspect, relabel, (un)bundle, and remove faulty pieces from bulk inventory. We work with our partners to understand a products’ updated specifications, and our contract packaging experts quickly and efficiently design a solution to prepare them for retail.

How it could look for you:

Don’t write off good product because of a misprint or a few damaged pieces – let Productiv’s Rework and Product Inspection team demonstrate that the ‘sunk cost’ may be less sunk than you think. Contact us to speak with a rep today!


The Challenge: 1.5 million lip balms from a global brand arrived from Asia mislabeled.

The Solution: Productiv teams inspected and repacked every beauty kit to be store-ready for the holiday season.

The Results: 500 pallets arrived in one day and were inspected, reworked and salvaged for retail in just 22 days.