Fixed Cost Production

Sprint Capacity

Quality Guarantee

Program Management

We leverage our kitting and fulfillment expertise to drive down costs, create supply chain velocity, and add tremendous value to our client’s programs.

Client Focus

Health and Beauty
Personal Care
Consumer Packaged Goods
Subscription Box Programs
Loyalty Program

Procurement and Order Management

  • Manage component orders with suppliers
  • Order packaging and print/promo materials
  • Manage schedule and inbound logistics
  • Curate and catalog art and promotional assets
  • Secure client approval of samples and prototypes
  • Project and distribution plan alignment
  • Financial management

Kitting & Fulfillment

  • Schedule and manage our own workforce
  • Engineer workflows for cost efficiencies
  • Warehousing and JIT provision of components
  • Manage kitting operation to quality specs and KPIs
  • Contingency planning for logistic variance
  • Palletize and ship finished kit

Project Management

  • Comprehensive project plans with critical path tracking
  • Signature project management processes
  • Communications with all stakeholders
    • Pre-launch alignment on all program aspects
    • Client dashboards
    • Collaborative real-time messaging tool
    • Scheduled and ad hoc reports and meetings
  • Productivity and quality monitoring and management
  • Post-project reconciliation of goods

IT Systems

  • Data tracking and reporting for all key aspects of a program
    • Order tracking
    • POs
    • Productivity
    • Shipping
  • Real-time client visibility through dashboards and reports

Case Study

Program Management Partnership: Component Design, Vendor Selection, Purchasing, Kitting, Distribution and Working Capital

  • Client focused on R&D and Brand was looking for an all-in price in order to design, kit and ship products.
  • Productiv worked with client’s R&D and Engineering teams in order to spec out materials, find and qualify vendors, procure materials, and then kit and distribute finished goods to customers.
  • Client liked Productiv’s ability to handle program management from start-to-finish and simplify the supply chain.
  • In addition, by managing the entire program Productiv was able to accelerate the supply chain and reduce the time it took from client orders through to client distribution.

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