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We hear it over and over again from our supply chain clients in Richmond: The modern consumer has been conditioned by ecommerce giants to expect flawless and immediate distribution and fulfillment services. Like it or not, quick fulfillment and reliable distribution have made the jump from competitive advantage to table stakes. There are few words in our industry that are quite as painful as ‘backorder.’

But setting up on-demand fulfillment and distribution isn’t always as easy as adding staff or finding warehouse space. Your product might have complex kitting, hand-assembly or shipping requirements that demand custom solutions. That’s where Productiv can help. We specialize in right-size distribution and fulfillment services focused on reducing cost and increasing delivery speed.

If you think your current distribution and fulfillment setups are creating pain points in your supply chain, contact a Productiv CSR at (804) 893-5358 and we’ll talk about all the different ways we might be able to help.

Richmond Fulfillment and Distribution You Can Rely On

Richmond-based businesses across all industries and of all sizes can count on Productiv to handle their distribution and fulfillment needs. Our services include:

  • Shipping to big box stores and DCs. We process goods from B2B and B2C businesses to big box stores and DCs located in Richmond and surrounding areas.
  • Direct shipping. Productiv’s ecommerce and direct order fulfillment and distribution services help packages reach end consumers safely and on time.
  • Picking and packaging. Productiv teams are trained to quickly and effectively transfer goods from bulk inventory to single-order packaging and fulfillment.
  • Expedited and international shipping. When time is of the essence and packages need to get further faster, Richmond-area businesses look to Productiv.
  • ORM-D packaging and shipping. We ensure that regulated products are packaged and shipped appropriately, always adhering to stringent regulations.
  • Warehousing and storage. Companies that are in need of storage in the Richmond area to support order fulfillment and distribution programs rely on our high-quality, spacious, and secure warehouses.
  • Productiv ensures that products that are shipped back from customers reach the Richmond-based company they are being returned to quickly and efficiently.
  • Reverse logistics. Once returns are received, Productiv teams log, break down, and properly restock all goods so your inventory systems stay current and up-to-date.
  • Shipping expertise. Our Order Management System integrated with all major shippers plus expertise in packaging, materials and special requirements to keep costs low.

Productiv Fulfillment in Action: Medical Device Storage, De-palletize and Case Fulfillment with Short Lead Times

At Productiv, we take customization seriously and we’re prepared to do whatever’s needed to get the job done. Consider this case from an international client:

  • The challenge. Design a way to ship pallets of medical devices for hospital distribution in the United States despite time- and environmental constraints.
  • The solution. A customized warehousing solution that included installing an HVAC system to maintain a storage and re-pack environment that met strict temperature and humidity specifications.
  • The implementation. Producitv breaks down pallets and distributes individual components to client’s end customers which are used for procedures with short lead times.

Additional Services in Richmond

In addition to the managing fulfillment and distribution projects, Productiv offers a variety of other business process and production services to businesses in and around Richmond These include:

  • Kitting
  • Hand assembly
  • Product inspection
  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Reverse logistics
  • Sorting
  • Display building, packouts and shipping

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