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Our inspection and rework services provide clients a way to:

  • handle short runs without needing to take up machine capacity
  • receive product from overseas that needs to be repackaged prior to distribution
  • perform inspection and rework offsite to not use up valuable plant floorspace
  • reduce overtime and the need for temporary labor

Our packaging experience includes all verticals and multiple types of packaging:


  • manufacturing defects
  • product specifications
  • label artwork
  • carton artwork
  • content


  • re-manufacture
  • re-packaging
  • re-labeling

We apply lean engineering processes to our packaging hand workin order to reduce cost and deliver top quality to our clients. Further, we use our US Labor Pool proprietary technology which allows us to ramp up to meet our client’s short lead time demands.

Kitting and assembly services

Case Study

Inspection and Rework Combo: 5,000 Piece Inspection and Rework for Baby Products:

  • Client needed to rework 5,000 baby products that were not built to specification
  • Productiv provided a fixed unit price per finished good in order to inspect each product and make necessary modifications to return to specification
  • In addition, Productiv found additional product defect and was able to bring to manufacturers attention and fix prior to shipping

Additional Inspection & Rework Services

Productiv specializes in the complete service of inspection and work to include:

  • Reverse logistics
  • Sorting good and bad product
  • Product disposal
  • Product repurposing
  • Re-Labeling
  • Re-Packaging
  • Disassemble
  • Distribution and fulfillment

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Ultra Short Lead Times

We can turn projects on 24 hour notice

Cost Per Unit Pricing

We price each project or program with a cost per unit

Average Customer Savings

15 – 30% compared to using temporary staff


We warrant our quality and our locations are ISO 9001 certified




We build partnerships with our clients and that has driven
our geographic expansion so that we can support our clients where they need us