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For clients looking to outsource their kitting and fulfillment operation, Productiv provides a contract 3PL service where we will either operate an existing warehouse or help site a new warehouse in order to support client’s needs. Our focus area is on Client’s who have fulfillment needs that require value add services prior to shipping such as kitting, sub-assembly, packaging and inspection. Our warehouse operations are customized for each client,

Please contact us if you would like to discuss outsourcing your fulfillment needs.

Kitting and assembly services

Case Studies

Warehouse Operation: Packaging Company

  • Client outsourced their fulfillment center operation to Productiv which was used as production and crossdock for Client’s customers
  • Productiv was able to lower the cost of running the fulfillment center which enabled Client to grow revenue by quoting their lower cost fulfillment operation
  • Productiv stabilized workforce in the fulfillment center and improved processes and culture in order to retain workforce and also flex workforce during high demand seasons

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