An insider’s guide to selecting the right contract manufacturing company

Looking for a contract manufacturing company to work with is like searching for a business partner that can make or break your business. If you find the right one, you could gain significant synergies from working together. Making the wrong choice however, could not only jeopardize your short-term operations, but can do significant damage to […]

How To Implement Piece Rate Pay System for Production Workers

Piece rate pay, sometimes also affectionately known as “pay for effort” or “pay for performance”, is one of the most recognizable incentive schemes in manufacturing environments. Because it is simple to understand, production workers appreciate it, and employers embrace it because it guarantees a certain level of productivity from the workforce. While simple in design […]

Benefits of Working with a Contract Packager

Today’s product manufacturing environment is extremely competitive. Consumer tastes change rapidly; competitors quickly encroach on your customer base; and manufacturing technologies are constantly changing. How does a manufacturing operation deal with all these challenges while still remaining productive and profitable? The answer: By using contract packagers and fulfillment service providers! The Building Blocks Like any critical […]

Contract Manufacturing Helps Maximize Operations Team Performance

According to research from Plunkett Research, Ltd., outsourced manufacturing services and other off-shoring activity will grow into a nearly $565.0 billion industry globally in 2017. Already, successful global corporations like Apple and Nike, spent upwards of $400 billion in 2016 on contract manufacturing. So, the question arises: What do these companies seek to achieve from […]

How to reach new record lows on inventory and waste metrics

Waste is typically created because of overburdened manufacturing processes, and through uneven workflows. The secret to leveraging packaging and manufacturing efficiencies is in implementing processes and process flows that identify waste at its points of origin, and then seek to eliminate them. Implementing Lean Inventory Maintaining low inventory levels is a function of achieving metrics […]

Things Your Contract Packager Should Take Over From Your Management Team

While advances in technologies have streamlined some manufacturing processes, it has also added complexity and intracity to how things are produced. More and more production managers are therefore looking to their experienced contract packager as a way to support them – at little or no cost! Cost-effective and value-added Using a full-service contract production service, […]

Lean Execution in Hand Assembly and Kitting

Hand assembly and kitting-reliant operations are often characterized by intricate, labor-intensive, monotonous tasks. This combination of elements often injects various inefficiencies into manufacturing processes, especially in multi-process assembly lines, including: Longer-than-necessary lead times Increased stock-outs (of parts and sub-assemblies) Excessive backlogs Quality degradation Poor use of space Rigid to inflexible scheduling and handling of material […]

Scalable Packaging Solutions

The two biggest constraints that General Managers face when needing scaling their packaging operation is floor space and labor supply. The expansion of the packaging department typically follows investments in new production equipment. New equipment will typically have faster run speeds, thus increasing throughput. And while production is focused on increasing throughput, it will mean […]

The Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing can benefit brand owners through three main areas: (1) free up capital and management focus on growing the brand, (2) take advantages of economies of scale of a strong contract manufacturer and (3) strengthening the supply chain through specialization. Company leaders are trying to stay ahead of the rapid changes in consumer taste […]

Competitive Advantages of Contract Packaging

Production teams are continuously focused on increasing the throughput of their manufacturing and converting equipment. The ROI on capital investments in new equipment is driven by increases in throughput while decreasing make-ready and change over time. Run speeds on new equipment continue to increase; however, the constraint on operations once new equipment is installed is […]