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Productiv Way

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Committed to Excellence

When you sign on to a project with Productiv, you’re signing more than a purchase order. You’re joining a network of experts and partners who are committed to a certain kind of excellence—the principles we call The Productiv Way. It’s rare that our clients come to us without wanting some combination of: adding production capacity, increasing throughput, shortening lead times, reducing costs or delighting consumers. For us, the key to accomplishing these critical business objectives is deceptively simple – and uniquely ours.

Pillars of The Productiv Way

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Lean Principles

We find opportunities to implement efficiencies within your supply chain that ensure quality and product outstanding outcomes.

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Aligned Incentives

We believe clients and team members win when we work together; that’s why our teams enjoy benefits and financial bonuses that are tied to quality and positive outcomes.

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Servant Leadership

We rise by lifting others first; client service is a part of everyone’s job, and our managers are evaluated by their ability to support and advocate for their teams.

Exceptional Operational Approaches

The pillars of the Productiv Way form our company culture and describe what specialized labor-intensive production is all about. We’re also guided by a handful of signature operational approaches, which include staffing a management team with a diverse breadth of experience, staying up to date with technologies that enable innovation, and designing custom processes that are tailored to each project’s objectives.

See how these operational approaches come to life by exploring below.

Our Engineering & Process Design

Excluding freight, labor is the single largest expense in fulfillment centers that are not highly automated. Naturally, finding ways to work smarter and engineer a lean process for your kitting, packaging, or assembly task will have a meaningful impact on your bottom line. As a sophisticated national supply chain partner, Productiv specializes in setting up labor programs for growth and long-term success.

As a sophisticated national supply chain partner, Productiv specializes in setting up labor programs for growth and long-term success.

It all begins with implementing a set of lean engineering enhancements that convert fulfillment lines from a ‘Just in Case’ mindset (stockpiling items regardless of orders) to a ‘Just in Time’ mindset (that efficiently schedules workers and other resources based on existing orders).

Leaders Highly Skilled in Lean Principles

All Productiv leaders are highly skilled with lean principles and tools to optimize workflows, improve throughput and quality, reduce waste, and improve profitability. Some examples include:

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Single piece flow - Workers focus on processing and building one unit at a time. Conveyors are optimized for optimal flow and collaboration between workers. Our staff spends less time doing quality control and rework and more time producing output.

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Pulling work through – Using Kanban or ‘pull’ techniques for receiving, material handling, staging and production.

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Jigs – Templates and tools designed to standardize output and sustain quality

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Minimizing waste – Scrutinizing all types of process waste to add value and quality

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Kaizen – An ongoing commitment to continuous improvement within a project and across multiple programs and sites

A Sample Diagram of an Engineering & Process Designed Client Workflow

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Typical Kitting Process for Productiv Clients

Onboard new project: specification review and systems setup
Reduces lead time and improves quality by determining project specs before work goes live
Design workflow processes with lean principles and scalability in mind
Plan to maximize throughput and scale based on requirements
Train reliable Productiv teams on client SOPs
Ensures consistency and quality
Operate on a cost per unit model
Keeps pricing predictable and affordable
Carry out routine quality checks and inspections
Reduce returns and other rework while boosting customer satisfaction
Commit to real-time continuous improvement
Measure KPIs, confer with workers and engineers, tweak and improve

Flexible & Secure Cloud-Based Technology

Order Management

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Warehouse Management

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Inventory Control

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Shipping Management

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Integrate Seamlessly with Leading Industry Suppliers

    Technology Value-Adds

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    Paperless warehouse system utilizing RFID scanners for product movement

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    High availability and disaster recovery for 24/7 system uptime

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    Real-time web based data reports on orders, user activity, etc.

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    Geographically dispersed data centers to mitigate risk


    How to bring efficiency to your operations with Productiv