Value-Added Services

Productiv was founded in 2006 as a specialist in Value-Added Services with a focus on quick onboarding, hitting output targets and doing so at the highest quality levels

Elevate Your Operations


Kitting & Assembly

Turn Components into Finished Goods

Reaching your logistics or production goals can be an exact science with the right solutions.


DTC eCommerce Fulfillment

Reduce Fulfillment Times and Costs

Accelerated customer delivery times with our IT integrations, SLA focused fulfillment and order management programs

B2B & Retail Distribution

Maximize On-Time and In-Full Delivery

Onboarding of new retailers and high SLA performance to support your revenue growth through acquisition of new customers for distribution.

Retailer Compliance & EDI

Meet Retailer Compliance and Eliminate Chargebacks

EDI retailer program that ensures compliant packaging, labeling, EDI transmission while hitting OTIF metrics cost effectively.

POP Displays

Captivate Customers on the Retail Floor

Get POP displays efficiently assembled and prepared for retail, showcasing your products and driving sales.

Seasonal Projects

Navigate Peaks in Demand

With flexible solutions, ensure your products are handled efficiently and effectively, even during high-demand periods.

Amazon FBA Prep

Streamline Your Online Sales

Get prepared for Amazon selling—we ensure your goods are properly packaged, labeled, and ready for Amazon's fulfillment centers.

Contract Packaging

Expert Solutions on Your Side

From design and labeling to quality control, get every aspect of packaging handled for you by our team of experts.

Your Success is Our Priority

Through our complete range of services and a commitment to excellence, Productiv delivers solutions that enable businesses to optimize their processes, reduce costs, and enhance productivity. Unlock operational efficiencies and elevate your logistics to drive growth and exceed customer expectations.


Success Stories

From Capacity Constraints to Capacity Control

A consumer goods company dealing with late and mis-shipped orders due to capacity constraints transitioned to Productiv's 3PL solutions after struggling with an inefficient provider.
Within 30 days with Productiv, SLAs had improved to 99%+ across on-time fulfillment, order accuracy and inventory accuracy with real time SLA dashboards.
Their relationship with Productiv grew from a small project or secondary vendor to moving all their work to Productiv within 3–6 months.

Disaster Relief in Record Time

Productiv successfully assembled 150,000 grocery boxes for Hurricane Maria disaster relief in just 33 days, delivering 2.7 million meals to citizens in Puerto Rico.


3 Million Cases, 35% Decrease in Labor Costs

Using fixed unit pricing and lean-engineered workflows, Productiv helped a client repackage paper goods for retail, processing over 3 million cases of product with 300 unique SKUs annually and saving 35% in labor costs.

Displays in 2 Weeks, 90% Reduction in Materials

Productiv implemented its Warehouse Management System (WMS) for a client within 2 weeks, helping them tracking inventory and  build stand-up displays for a fast-growing product line, reducing total materials by 25% and excess materials by 90%.

The Path to Logistics Success

data analysis

Data Analysis & Program Design

Productiv analyzes your order, inventory and transportation data and comes back with a detailed logistics strategy for you to meet your operational and financial goals.

Onboarding Team

Productiv assigns an Onboarding team to work with you on the transition from current processes to onboarding with Productiv. The Onboarding Team consists of a Dedicated Program Manager, a Process Engineer, an IT specialist, the Site Manager and is overseen by one of the Company owners.
transition planning

IT Integration and Operational Start

Productiv analyzes your order, inventory and transportation data and comes back with a detailed logistics strategy for you to meet your operational and financial goals.
continuous improvement

Continuous Improvement

Productiv’s engineering team leads an ongoing process of continuous improvement to enable our clients to grow revenue, reduce cost and consistently improve their operation. A specific focus is put on SLA reporting and joint initiatives to streamline processes.


How to bring efficiency to your operations with Productiv