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Reverse Logistics & Returns Processing

Our reverse logistics services provide clients a way to:

  • process returns on a fixed unit cost basis
  • sort, inspect and re-work resalable goods
  • reduce overtime and the need for temporary labor
  • use Productiv facility in order to save valuable production square footage

Our returns experience includes products across all industry verticals including:

  • men’s and women’s clothing
  • shoes, gloves, hats and accessories
  • baby products
  • consumer electronics
  • food and beverage

We apply lean engineering processes to our reverse logistics services. This makes it so we can rework damaged product and turn it into sell-able product in line. This not only saves our clients money but also increases revenue.

Kitting and assembly services

Case Study

Fixed Unit Cost Reverse Logistics: Clothing and Shoes Sort

  • Client sends Productiv 80,000 pairs of shoes, boots and clothing items to be processed for resale
  • Productiv unloads mix containers, sorts and inspects all materials
  • Materials meeting quality specifications are segregated, re-tagged and prepared for resale shipment
  • Materials not meeting quality specifications are scrapped and recycled
  • Productiv invoices a fixed unit price for sorting, inspecting quality, scrapping, re-tagging which allows Client to lock-in margins for reselling merchandise based on Productiv’s fixed cost

Additional Returns Processing Services

Productiv specializes in the complete service of reverse logistics to include:

  • Label removal
  • Label application
  • Artwork inspection
  • Re-packaging
  • Product rework

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15 – 30% compared to using temporary staff


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