Introducing ‘The Productiv Way’: Our Secret Sauce for Client Success


Almost every successful company has a ‘way’ – an informal or formal set of cultural or operational principles that makes them unique. Toyota has one – The Toyota Way. So do Google and John Deere. Chances are your favorite coffee shop has a way, too.

It’s no different in the world of kitting and assembly. Culture can become decentralized at companies with large deskless workforces, so standardizing key ways of doing business throughout an organization is absolutely critical to achieving positive outcomes. This month, we are unveiling ‘The Productiv Way’, our own set of principles that comprise our culture and position us for success. Packaged in this downloadable infographic, we go beyond describing WHAT we do to explain HOW we do it – how we take our mastery for kitting, assembly, packaging and fulfillment and leverage it for client success.

The Productiv Way is our platform for operations excellence and begins with our three core values:

  • Using lean principles for outstanding outcomes and continuous improvement
  • Aligning incentives with both clients and associates
  • Leveraging the power of servant leadership so our associates can succeed

And then there’s our signature operational approaches: our ‘secret sauce’

Just like having a unique ‘way’, we also have a set of qualities that are wholly ours and sometimes hard to describe. These qualities are our secret sauce that allows us to create superior throughput while shortening lead times and reducing costs.

  • The experience of our leaders
  • The reliability of our talented team members
  • Our focus on client success
  • Our use of enabling technologies
  • Customized process design and engineering

Productiv’s Identity: It’s about Who We Are, not just What We Do

Years ago a young fan spotted Bill Russell in an airport. Bill Russell is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. The young fan excitedly said: “you are Bill Russell, the famous basketball player!” to which Mr. Russell replied “Basketball is what I do, son, it’s not who I am.”

With this unveiling of The Productiv Way, we’re excited to let our clients, prospects and associates move beyond thinking about us in terms of what we do—it’s our moment to begin showing who we are. Along the way, we can explore together how to leverage our secret sauce for their success.

If you’d like to contact us about ‘The Productiv Way’ and how we can leverage our mastery for your kitting, packaging or assembly services, give Brendon McGann a call at (704) 559-9272. Brendon is Productiv’s SVP Supply Chain and has worked with many contract manufacturers, packagers and other companies to solve their labor-intensive challenges.


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