Productiv, Inc. Rolls Out Template for Supply Chain Success


Richmond, VA – March 25, 2019 - Productiv—the Richmond-based supply chain service company specializing in kitting, contract packaging and fulfillment—today released a set of principles and business philosophies that guide its successful production operations. Called “The Productiv Way,” the document lays out the core values and operational approaches that have fueled the company’s 13-year growth and continued client satisfaction.

The three key pillars of The Productiv Way, which is downloadable as an infographic, are:

  • Using lean principles to achieve optimized outcomes and continuous improvement
  • Aligning incentives with both clients and associates
  • Leveraging the power of servant leadership so entry-level associates can thrive

“The Productiv Way is our culture and our secret to success,” said Doug Legan, Productiv President. “We wanted to release it so that organizations can better understand what specialized production labor, especially the kind we do here at Productiv, is all about. We hope it can be a useful tool to companies who are considering a partnership with a supply chain vendor or are overhauling their own manufacturing operations.”

Other actionable tips from The Productiv Way include staffing a management team with a diverse breadth of experience, staying up to date with technologies that enable innovation, and designing custom processes that are tailored to each project’s objectives.

Since its founding in 2006, Productiv has grown from a regional outsourced product assembly firm to its position today as a national operation serving a wide variety of industries through both a network of Productiv fulfillment centers as well as embedded operations on clients’ sites.

About Productiv, Inc.

Productiv is a national kitting, contract packaging and fulfillment company. Led by a team of process engineers and logistics experts, Productiv provides lean- and quality-engineered solutions to a wide variety of consumer goods and subscription box companies. With strategic locations in Dallas, Chicago, Charlotte and Richmond as well as numerous customer-embedded operations, Productiv offers the speed, flexibility and scalability to help our clients grow. Visit for more information.


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