Productiv Partners with SUBTA to Advance Subscription Box Industry


The newly chartered Subscription Box Trade Association ( is a much-needed resource to create a community of sharing and thought-leadership in the explosive subscription box industry. Productiv is proud to be a charter gold member of the association.With over 92,000 trade associations in the U.S., one might ask: “Do we really need yet another trade association?”Fair challenge, but the subscription box industry is in its infancy and growing at such a rapid rate, that a central organization charged with being the national and global voice for standards, ethics and thought leadership is probably a good idea for all members: media partners, suppliers and subscription box companies alike.As gold members, we look forward to sharing our kitting and fulfillment expertise with subscription box companies and other fulfillers through substantial leadership and knowledge contributions. If we can work together to make the pie bigger and get it right for customers across the globe, we’ve achieved our goal. As an example, we’ve submitted an article around lean-engineered kitting principles titled “The bow absolutely matters.” We think it’s pretty informative and fun, so download it here if you’d like.Are you in the market for suppliers for your subscription box? Check out all the members on It’s a great resource whether you’re just getting started, finding traction, or cashing big checks.


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