Kitting and Fulfillment

From product components to customer delight

Productiv is a national provider of turnkey kitting, packaging and fulfillment services. Customers succeed with us because we blend the responsiveness of a regional kitting company with the sophistication of a global 4PL partner.

Through a model that combines cost-per-unit pricing, lean engineering, and end-to-end program management, we give our packaged goods customers a competitive edge. Productiv clients get to market quickly and maximize their sales and profit opportunities relative to peers who rely on temporary labor. Because our operations are ISO 9001 certified and fully adherent to Good Manufacturing Practices, we’re ready to take on projects within even the most regulated industries.

What makes Productiv different:

  • Quick turnarounds and short lead times – Project quotes in 24 hours or less
  • Reliable workforce – Trained on your SOPs and quality specifications
  • Our ‘Way’ – Lean-engineered processes improve quality and efficiency for less
  • Quality assurance – Checks built into all processes to reduce rework
  • Dedicated, reliable staff – Project manager assigned to every project, our workforce — not temps

Kitting & Hand Assembly

Converting components into goods at a fixed unit price

Productiv’s Kitting & Hand Assembly services create efficient and low-cost solutions to challenges presented by products requiring hand assembly, component packaging, or complex finishing requirements. We have extensive experience in handling orders with dozens or hundreds of SKU configurations, each with their own labor-intensive assembly requirements.

We function as an extension of your supply chain team, taking disparate product components and efficiently preparing them for final packaging and distribution according to your exact specifications.

The table below describes our kitting and assembly approach and the value we bring to our clients.

Our Kitting and Assembly Approach How You Benefit
Onboard new project: specification review and systems setup Reduces lead time and improves quality by determining project specs before work goes live
Train reliable Productiv teams on client SOPs Ensures consistency and quality; less overtime and time spent retraining temporary workers
Employ ‘lean principles’ for kitting and assembly Maximizes throughput and allows for scaling increased capacities on short deadlines
Operate on a cost per unit model Keeps pricing predictable and affordable
Carry out routine quality checks and inspections Reduce returns and other rework while boosting customer satisfaction

How it could look for you:

Contact us today to begin a conversation about bringing our services to your specific project. Productiv provides kitting and assembly for a broad range of companies working in areas such as cosmetics and personal care, consumer technology, food & beverage, healthcare supplies, household items, gift sets, toys, and more.

Case Study: Hurricane Relief Meals

The Challenge: Mobilize partners and teams quickly to assemble 150,000 grocery boxes for Hurricane Maria disaster relief.

The Solution: Immediately stand up a 100+ person operation with leased space, equipment, conveyors and goods.

The Results: ‘All-hands’ team effort where Productiv packaged and delivered 2.7 million meals in just 33 days to citizens in Puerto Rico. See the team in action here.



Inserting, folding, finishing, wrapping, heat shrinking and more – all done with a quality guarantee

Productiv’s Packaging services occupy a vital place in our clients’ supply chain and workflow. Our capabilities in this area help shape, reshape or otherwise prepare goods for distributors or end consumers – with cushioning, boxing, heat shrinking or many other packaging methods. The experts at Productiv can help consult on a package’s design, suggest the perfect mix of materials, and manipulate a product’s components into an exact format or grouping depending on the specifications laid out by a fulfillment plan.

We have deep experience working with a variety of standard and specialty packaging types, including folding cartons, pouches, bags (heat-sealed, zip lock, etc.) — even vinyl record jackets.

Check out Productiv’s approach to packaging in the table below.

Our Packaging Approach How You Benefit
Determine project packaging specifications, either from client fulfillment plan or through consultation Gets you exactly what you need, how you need it; potential to discover materials-related improvements in cost or environmental performance
Plan project run according to volume/scale Can offload your short runs without taking up machine or people capacity
Execute packaging plan within our fulfillment warehouses, including product labeling and inspection Frees up valuable plant floorspace
Perform pack-out, relabeling and repackaging as needed Reconfigures any existing goods prepared for different (e.g. international) markets or rework for distribution in local markets

How it could look for you:

Contact us today to inquire about how our packaging service can help your business. Productiv handles packaging for a broad range of companies working in areas such as consumer goods, medical supplies, industrial supplies, fasteners, consumer electronics, automotive and more.


The Challenge: Operational inefficiencies and an over-reliance on temp workers were driving up labor costs with no output gain.

The Solution: Using fixed unit pricing and lean-engineered workflows, Productiv implemented an on-site program to create efficiencies and reduce costs.

The Results: Over 3 million cases of product with 300 unique SKUs are processed annually for 35% annual labor savings.


POP Displays

Building and packing sales displays that are ready for the retail floor

Productiv’s POP Display service helps our clients tap into a key marketing tool that captures consumer attention and drives sales. Through our connections with retailers of all sizes, we’ve developed an expertise in building retail displays that perfectly showcase products and meet the custom needs of your display (space requirements, materials, etc.)

Whether you need an end-cap, a floor/countertop display, a pallet or some other retail installation – Productiv is your go-to for efficiently building and filling visual merchandising displays.

Here’s how we do POP Displays.

Our POP Display Approach How You Benefit
Receive and inspect goods that are planned for the POP Displays Takes the hassle of finding space for display build-outs off your plate; data lets you know if any goods were damaged in transit
Build displays Leverages Productiv’s merchandising and display expertise
Kit – load the POP Display with product Prepares your product for retail at a fixed unit price
Conduct quality control checks Assures that your display is laid out according to your specs
Load products and fulfill to distribution centers Provides you with exactly what you need to hand off to the retail stores

How it could look for you:

Contact us today to learn more about how Productiv can level-up your retail displays. Productiv produces POP displays for a variety of different companies working across multiple industries


The Challenge: Client was losing track of perishable inventory and had excess corrugated displays for fast-growing product line.

The Solution: Implemented Productiv’s WMS within 2 weeks. Combined WMS data with a full inventory count to sort by batch/lot and quickly build displays using lean-engineered processes.

The Results: Process management and inventory discipline reduced total materials by 25% and excess materials by 90%.


Custom Fulfillment

Managing order fulfillment, value-add services, distribution and reverse logistics for B2B and direct-to-consumer clients

Productiv specializes in custom value-add fulfillment and distribution services focused on reducing cost and increasing delivery speed. In today’s market dominated by e-commerce giants, consumers have adapted to lightning-quick distribution and fulfillment. Every day, experts at Productiv use ‘supply chain velocity’ to help our clients route their products to destinations such as retail stores, homes, distributions centers, and more.

Setting up on-demand fulfillment and distribution isn’t always as easy as adding staff or finding warehouse space. We combine capabilities in kitting, transportation and environmental/regulatory compliance to bring you a custom fulfilment program that gets the job done correctly and efficiently.

Our fulfilment solutions are custom-created for each of our clients, but all projects utilize some combination of these approaches.

Our Fulfilment Approach How You Benefit
B2B and DTC fulfillment to DCs or retail Your products are 100% ready for the next step in the supply chain
E-commerce and direct order services Packages reach end consumers safely and on time
Picking and packaging Moves your goods from bulk inventory to single-order formats quickly and effectively
Expedited and international shipping Our expertise eases stress when time is of the essence and packages need to get further faster
ORM-D packaging and shipping Your regulated products are packaged and shipped in full compliance, always adhering to stringent regulations
Managed returns Assurance that returned products will reach the warehouse in a timely manner for processing and value retention
Perform reverse logistics (log, break down, and properly restock all goods) Your inventory systems stay current and up-to-date

How it could look for you:

If you think your current distribution and fulfillment setups are creating pain points in your supply chain, contact a Productiv CSR and we’ll talk about all the different ways we might be able to help.


The Challenge: New ecommerce site was growing rapidly. Moving from start-up to 5,000 orders/day, there was a substantial order fulfillment backlog.

The Solution: Built end-to-end fulfillment operation with OMS and WMS: inventory system, integrated EDI, shipping, etc. and efficient pick pack line in order to provide competitive pricing.

The Results: Shipped more than 450K orders in first 4 months to handle demand backlog, stabilize fulfillment and aid customer retention. Achieved platinum 99.999% accuracy rating.


Warehouse Operations

Providing space, teams and value-add services, all at strategic locations in Richmond, Charlotte, Dallas and Chicago areas.

Companies that are in need of warehouse space to support order fulfillment, value-add service and distribution programs rely on our network of strategically located, secure warehouses.

For clients looking to outsource their kitting and fulfillment operation, Productiv provides a contract service where we use one of our warehouses or open a new warehouse space in order to support client’s needs. We specialize in warehouse operations for clients who have fulfillment needs that require value-add services prior to shipping such as kitting, assembly, packaging and inspection. Our warehouse operations are customized for each client.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss outsourcing your fulfillment needs.

4PL and Turnkey Services

Providing end-to-end services that result in supply chain velocity

Productiv’s broad range of services makes us an ideal 4PL partner who can help you move goods faster through the supply chain. We lead our clients with expertise and data that helps them make decisions about suppliers, facility design, processes, scale, order management, warehouse management, turnkey services, inventory, and more.

Our programs are custom-designed to meet your needs:

  • Supplier Management — Working with suppliers to ensure source components and materials are delivered on time.
  • Program Management — Oversight for entire programs from package design, to outsourced components and print materials, to kitting and fulfillment.
  • Information Management — Cloud-based Order and Fulfillment Management systems designed to track and move goods more efficiently from order placement to your customer.

And our ancillary services keep goods moving hassle-free. If you’re facing logistics or labor challenges that require transloading, cross-docking, or some other transportation-related hurdle, Productiv can help. If your project has complex floor management needs, we’ve got it covered.

Our 4PL Approach How You Benefit
Supplier and Program Management Tap our global network of suppliers, marketing agencies to set up your program for success
Order Management and Warehouse Management Automated tracking ensures goods move smoothly and are easily located
Turnkey Kitting and Fulfillment Reliable workers use lean-engineered, finely honed processes to reduce lead times and operating costs
Shipping Management Strategic locations, favorable rates and integrated systems shorten delivery cycles and add to your bottom line
Transloading Moves your goods from port to facility in time and on budget
Cross-docking Reduces lag time and superfluous unpacking jobs by loading shipments directly into outbound modes

How it could look for you:

We want to become a true logistics collaborator with your organization. If any of our 4PL and Turnkey Services match the needs of your supply chain, contact a Productiv CSR and we’ll talk about all the different ways we can help.


The Challenge: Client needed turnkey fulfillment service for Amazon FBA, B2C and EDI into retail on short timeline in order to meet growing demand and orders from global retailers.

The Solution: Productiv onboarded the account and used process engineers and IT staff to quickly integrate WMS with ERP and then set up EDI portals with major retailers, domestic and international shipping for B2C, and an Amazon FBA program.

The Results: Currently achieving on-time and accuracy SLAs while distributing client’s products globally within 2 months.